Message from Holly Leever, L.Ac.

I am passionate about working with individuals that are invested in their journey towards optimal health. Acupuncture, and the other healing modalities that I offer, can assist clients in achieving their health goals. Whether you are looking to get out of pain, to sleep more soundly, to regulate your digestive system or to deal with stress more effectively, I am happy to guide and assist you in realizing your goals.

Acupuncture is most certainly not a quick fix. I focus on creating individual treatment plans for people that generally incorporate a series of weekly treatments for a period of time. The time period that I suggest is variable depending upon the person, the condition, as well as any financial concerns that may exist. It is also perfectly appropriate to try acupuncture a few times to see if it’s a treatment modality that might work for you. There is never any obligation to continue with treatments if they are not serving you in the way that you had hoped they might.

In addition to the treatment sessions themselves, I also recommend dietary and lifestyle changes to incorporate in between sessions.  I am a believer in meeting people where they’re at in this area. With that said, I also believe that consistent reminders of the recommendations I suggest ensure that clients reap the most benefit from our work together.  I am not a practitioner that wants you to be dependent on my treatments for the rest of your life. I aim to empower clients to make changes themselves and be their own advocate in finding optimum health. I also would like for my clients to recognize that I am happy to help them for as long as they feel they are continuing to benefit from treatments with me.

My guiding principle is one of integrity. There is nothing more off-putting to me than marketing schemes that attempt to convince individuals that are suffering, that they need something they don’t really need. Please do not hesitate to reach out if you’re not sure if I can provide the type of care that you’re looking for.  I am happy to answer any questions you might have about acupuncture, Chinese herbs or any of the other healing modalities that I offer. It is my sincerest desire that clients feel well-informed about what to expect and invite each person to decide the appropriate action to take for themselves.


Yours in health,


Holly Leever, L.Ac.