Check out this video to See the setup for Yoni Steaming at Holly Leever Wellness!


**Please note this service is only available at the Woodland Hills location**


What is yoni steaming?

Yoni (Sanskrit word meaning: “womb”, “uterus”, “vagina”, “vulva”, “abode”, or “source) steaming is an ancient healing technique for the female reproductive system. This session involves relaxing over a pot of purified water and organic herbs that are cleansing, moving and calming.

What is yoni steaming used for?

It’s great for all women for general health and well-being. It can also help to regulate cycles, reduce pain associated with menstruation, alleviate bacterial or viral infections, and for postpartum care.

Steaming can also be used for: Painful or irregular menstruation, vaginal infections, fibroids, cysts, scar tissue, endometriosis, pain during or after sex, low libido, infertility, vaginal prolapse, recovery after childbirth or miscarriage, and general hygiene.

Isn’t the uterus/vagina self-cleansing?

We hear this from other healthcare professionals all the time, and it’s actually not incorrect! However, the presence of symptoms associated with the menstrual cycle and/or hormonal imbalances, indicates that the reproductive system requires some support in order to function more efficiently. Symptoms associated with the menstrual cycle are usually caused by inefficient shedding of the uterine lining during the period. The purpose of steaming is not to promote a vaginal cleanse outside of the naturally occurring period. The purpose of steaming is to ensure a complete shedding of the uterine lining during the period in order to alleviate symptoms and create balance in the system. Steaming at specific times during the cycle can assist in eliminating symptoms. Steaming during the period is contraindicated. In order to ensure complete shedding, steaming before and after the period is advised.

Are there times when you shouldn’t steam?

Steaming is NOT appropriate when:

You’re currently menstruating
You’re pregnant
You’re prone to spontaneous, heavy bleeding
You’re trying to conceive and you have already ovulated (i.e. you could possibly be pregnant)
You have a plastic IUD: You may only steam for 10-min

How often should I steam?

This is completely variable depending on what you are using steaming for. For example, if a woman has amenorrhea (no period) for reasons other than pregnancy she would steam everyday until her period returns. In contrast, a woman that simply wants to use steaming for general hygiene might choose to steam only after her period ends. It is also common to steam on the full and new moon or to steam once a week for general maintenance.

Scheduling a consultation with Holly is the best way to determine how often you should steam. Holly can also recommend a steam plan, and provide you with directions on how to steam at home.

How long is the steam session?

Steam sessions vary in length anywhere from 10-min-45-min depending on the condition. Generally 30-min sessions are appropriate for most women.

What do I wear during the session?

During a steam session, you will wear a spa towel, which is provided for you. You are welcome to drape yourself with additional blankets (also provided) for added modesty and/or warmth. It is important to remove your underwear so that the steam can enter in to the vaginal canal.

What herbs do you use?

We use custom blends from Steamy Chick.

Do I have to come into the office every time I steam?

Nope! Holly loves educating women about how to steam at home. She recommends setting up an initial consultation to determine a plan for you to continue at home. You can also check out our blog to see how an at home steam is set up.  It is suggested that clients keep in touch after the initial plan has been established to make sure that plan is still appropriate.

Holly is also available for Skype/Facetime sessions for those that don’t live in the LA area, or for women that are postpartum (it’s better to steam at home in the postpartum phase). In these sessions, Holly will provide you with a steam plan, including herbs to use,  steam duration and directions for setting up a steam at home. Don’t hesitate to reach out with questions!

Can I steam with my friends?

Yes! Recently, we have been getting a lot of requests for group steams. We are happy to accommodate groups, but are only able to have two women steam at a time. If you have more than two in your party, you are welcome to be in the room together while two are steaming and the others await their steam.

Can I get acupuncture on the same day as my steam?

YES! Acupuncture and steaming pair very well together. Many of the issues that steaming is used for can also be treated using acupuncture and Chinese herbal medicine. Using them together can help to enhance the efficacy of the treatments. If you schedule a steam and an acupuncture session, you should plan to be in the office for 2-hours. These sessions  are recommended for women that are working on enhancing fertility or those that have more complex issues (like fibroids or endometriosis).

What can I expect to feel after the session?

In general, women feel a lightness or a sense of warmth and comfort in the pelvic region following a steam session. It’s also very common that the digestive system will feel a bit more active. It is also possible to feel an increase in cervical mucus and/or lubrication (this is natural, normal and lovely!) Many women also report that they feel more sensual following a steam session. If women are concerned about anything they experience following a session, we invite them to reach out so we can determine together if it’s something they need to be concerned about.